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  1. Allison's Delicious Life says

    Stop torturing me, please. This looks amazing. Megan, I feel out of touch with you. Let’s plan our Panera adventure soon!

    I tried their new turkey salad the other day (mostly because I wanted the dried cherries). They left off the dried cherries. FML.

  2. ADashofMegnut says

    hahaha this made me laugh. that always happens to me! i’ve been meaning to try their new turkey sandwich and that turkey salad. i need some panera in my life. and as im typing this i’m thinking i should go there because its thursday which means theres cream of chicken and wild rice soup. it’s sad i know that. hahaha. panera adventure needs to happen. if you think of something that we should do first let me know!!! hope school is good and has stopped being so busy!