royal icing recipe

Try this foolproof royal icing recipe made with meringue powder. It's simple to use, dries smooth to the perfect hardness, and makes your sugar cookies taste and look great! This recipe is ideal for outlining and flooding your sugar cookies, as well as intricate detail work.

Let's make royal icing together! Gather your ingredients.

In a mixer, add powdered sugar, meringue powder, 5 tablespoons of water, and vanilla extract.

Start mixing on low speed to incorporate all ingredients.

Turn up the mixer to high and continue mixing until the icing is thick and has turned very white.

The base consistency will be very thick and will hold medium stiff peaks.

Add food coloring and mix to combine. Then, add water very slowly until your desired outline and flood consistency is reached.

Place the royal icing in pastry bags or cover with a wet towel to ensure it does not dry out.

Pipe the royal icing onto your cookies as desired.

Let the royal icing dry completely before stacking or packing into bags or cookie tins.

This royal icing is perfect for decorating Christmas cookies...

Creating delicate designs gingerbread men and other gingerbread cookies...

Creating wet-on-wet techniques like stripes and dots for 4th of July cookies...

Piping details on Easter cookies...

And so much more!

Grab the full recipe at the link below!