gluten-free  oreo pudding pie

This chocolate peanut butter ice cream is so decadent with a rich chocolate peanut butter base and peanut butter cups in every bite. This Philadelphia-style ice cream has no eggs in it, making it an easy ice cream recipe to make at home in your ice cream maker.

Let's make gluten-free Oreo pudding pie together! Gather your ingredients.

Process gluten-free Oreos in a food processor and mix with melted butter. Press it into a pie pan.

Blend together the cream cheese and powdered sugar in a large bowl until combined and creamy.

Pour the milk into a separate measuring cup or bowl.

Add the chocolate instant pudding mix to the milk.

Whisk until smooth and thickened.

Add the chocolate pudding to the cream cheese mixture.

Mix until completely smooth.

Add the Cool Whip to the chocolate pudding mixture.

Fold the Cool Whip into the mixture until combined.

Add the crushed gluten-free Oreos to the filling.

Mix until the cookies are evenly distributed.

Spoon the filling into the prepared Oreo pie crust.

Smooth the filling with a spatula. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Decorate with fresh whipped cream and additional gluten-free Oreos, if desired.

Slice and serve!

Grab the full recipe at the link below!