gluten-free gravy

This gluten-free gravy has just 6 ingredients. With buttery richness and a perfectly balanced blend of Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper, this recipe transforms simple ingredients into a velvety, flavorful sauce perfect for topping chicken, your Thanksgiving turkey, or mashed potatoes.

Let's make gluten-free gravy together! Gather your ingredients.

Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat.

Then, add the gluten-free flour.

Whisk the melted butter and gluten-free flour constantly to form a gluten-free roux.

The roux will start off really thick and then it will thin out and bubble up.

Once the roux turns from a blonde color to a golden brown color, it's ready.

Gradually pour in the turkey stock, broth or drippings into the gluten-free roux, stirring to ensure there are no lumps.

Turn up the heat and let the gravy simmer until thickened.

Add the pepper, salt, and worcestershire sauce to the gravy. Stir to combine.

Add any additional seasonings or herbs before serving.

Serve over mashed potatoes, turkey, chicken, stuffing and so much more! Enjoy!

Grab the full recipe at the link below!