DIY Glitter Ornament Centerpiece

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I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! The time has been going by so fast that I almost forgot to do another holiday craft! Now that I have a kitchen table, I am loving the idea of center pieces. I have an abundance of vases in my house (Thanks, ex-boyfriends. Kidding I swear!) so I like to fill them up with stuff other than flowers. Last weekend I was at my parents house celebrating my grandma’s birthday and my mom gave me some miniature ornaments. They were so cute but they were missing something. That’s right – glitter! I knew I could craft em up a bit and make them perfect for the holiday season. Just a little glitter and glue is all it takes to take your ornaments from cute to WOW! I’m in love with this project and it cost me little as I used supplies from around the house. This is an extremely easy way to repurpose your old ornaments to make something new and festive this holiday!



mini round ornaments

Elmer’s glue

foam brush

red and silver glitter

base or glass bowl




Gather a bunch of old miniature ornaments. Lay a newspaper down and sprinkle a pile of red glitter.


Take the glue bottle and squirt some glue directly onto the ornament. With a foam brush, spread the glue on the ornament until it is fully covered.


Then, roll the ornament in the red glitter. You may have to pour some glitter on it to cover the top. Don’t worry, you can always funnel the glitter back into its container so you don’t waste it!


Repeat with the silver glitter. Let the ornaments fully dry.


Then, place the ornaments into a large base or bowl. Take the twine and tie it in a bow around the case.

Tip: If you are trying to fill a large vase or bowl, try putting a toilet paper roll into the vase and placing the ornaments around it. It will fill up without as many ornaments and you won’t ever see the toilet paper roll!

Voila! A cheap and adorable center piece!


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